Wildlife Affairs


    Report  on celebration of WLA-2009 in Balukhand-Konark WLS in co-ordination with forest department,Govt. of orissa

    ON 7 th  AND 8 th  SEPTEMBER 2009



    • Recognition of forests plants and trees
    • Essay writing competition
    • Slogan writing Competition
    • Forest Trek
    •  Workshop on Snakes
    •  Plantation Program
    •  Award for Best Forest Guard
    •  School  Interaction
    •  Cycle Rally
    • Rescue and Release Program

    We happy to inform you all that we have successfully celebrated Wildlife Affairs -2009 in Balukhand-Konark WLS located in Puri districts.This sanctuary is stretched along the coast of Puri –Konark and is well known for spotted- deer.The other species found here are Black-Buck,Hare,Olive Ridley,Jackle,hyenas,Jungle cat,Bear,Monitor lizards,etc . It was declared as a sanctuary in 1984 and the area demarked for it is 84sq.km. But with the passage of time, I feel sorry to say that the sanctuary has strinked further due to human encroachment.This sanctuary is now under biotic pressure as several institutions (educational) and corporate industries have seriously come closer to the sanctuary boundary. On an average nearly 2000 people daily go inside the sanctuary for substaining their livelihood, which results in habitat loss for the the faunna residing there. So they usually stray into the fields of villagers in search of food by crossing the sanctuary limits which results in Man-animal conflict.  The greatest threat to faunna residing in that place is the national highway connecting Puri and Konark which passes through the sanctuary. As per officials records on an average 5-7 deers are injured/killed in road accidents in a month.

    Monitor lizard killed in an Road Accident

    So our organization has planned and  taken an initiative to  spread the message of conservation and making people aware of the importance of flora and faunna in our lives .  We planned to organise WLA there on 07/10/2009 and invited the DFO as our chief guest to grace the occasion. He confirmed us to deliberate the day with us but later due to some unavoidable circumstances (meeting with PCCF in presence of CM) he was unable to attend the function. In lieu of DFO, ACF was present to felicitate the winners and flag off the cycle rally.


    Description of the events:

    Essay and slogan writing Competition::

    Essay writing competition was held on 07/10/09 at Puri Zilla High school while the slogan competition was held at Nuanai Nodal High School. Nearly 300 students from different schools had participated in the said events. The jury to examine essay and slogan competition comprised of 3 retired Head Masters from different  Govt. Schools of Puri. The competition was categorised under two sections i.e Senior and junior group. In senior group, students from class VII-X had participated, whereas in junior group, students of class IV-VI had participated. Some students had written excellently well and had touched the aspects of Man-Animal conflicts and need for conservation of wildlife for substainance of our lives.This competition indeed has a great impact on young mind and will motivate them to work for conservation of wildlife and nature.

    Slogan Writing Competition

    Awards for Essay and Slogan Writing Competion

    Forest Trek – Recognition of Forest Plants and Trees – Plantation Program ::

    Students of Samagara High School and Baliguali High School had taken part in forest trek. Nearly 100 students accompanied by forest personnels went for an hour trail inside the Balukhand-Konark WLS. In the meantime they were taught about forest ethics and recognition of forest plants/trees and their usefullness. This event was ended off by planting 100 berry and medicinal plants inside the santuary.

    Forest Trek

    Members/Volunteers and officials explaining the usefulness of plants and trees

    Plantation Program

    Workshop on snakes ::
    A workshop on snakes was held at Saikat Niwas to make the target audience (Students and forest Personnels) aware of the facts about snakes. Students were taught how to deal with snakes if they would encounter them or the precautions needed to be taken if they were bitten by snakes. For this event we had  invited Mr. Sagar Panda of Snake Helpline.  After the demonstrative session, there was an interactive session between target group and us which lasted for an hour. Our Members tried their level best to clarify the doubts arising in the minds of Target group.  This event was very much appreciated by forest and school officials and they requested us to conduct this kind of workshop in different school in the recent future.

    Students Attending the workshop

    Demostration of snakes (Common Cobra)

    Demonstrating how to treat a person if bitten by Snake

    Members/Volunteers clarifying Doubts

    Best Forest Guard Award-2009 ::

    This award was presented to Mr. Bana Bihari Mishra, Forest Guard, Puri Sadar for his sincere efforts towards conservation and dedication to his service. This event has also motivated others for their committment to service.

    Cycle Rally ::

    Finally the event ended up with a cycle rally. Nearly 100 students from different schools  participated. The rally started from Saikat Niwas to their respective school after ACF,Puri flagged it off. By this Event we have tried our level best to convey the message of  conservation to the mass. More than 100 students from the adjoining schools had participated. T-shirts and food packets are given to the students.

    Rescue And Release Program ::

    A villager surrendered a spotted deer on the event of  WLA – 2009 in  Puri which adds another success story  to the glory of Wild Orissa. The Deer was released to the wilds after a few days of treatment.  We also released  9 cobras and   a rat snake which Mr. Panda had brought.

    Spotted Deer Released into Wild

    Release of Snakes

    This event has a deep impact in the Minds of Target Group and they commited us to spread the word of  conservation of wildlife and nature among the countrymen.