Conservation of Waterfowl Breeding Habitats Program

    The Wild Orissa Conservation of Waterfowl Breeding Habitats Program has been a unique venture, started in the year 2000, which focuses on the various breeding habitats located in the state of Orissa. During this exercise many unknown breeding habitats were discovered and studies undertaken to understand the threat perception to each one of them. It was during this program that Mangalajodi was detected to be one of India’s foremost breeding grounds. It was here that Wild Orissa very carefully started the involvement of the local people, who indulged in consumption and sale of the bird meat and eggs, to protect these extremely delicate eco-systems. The Bombay Natural History Society also associated with Wild Orissa in the Mangalajodi program for a certain period. This ongoing program has also helped in discovery of places where extremely endangered species like the Darters (Anhinga rufa), Black Bitterns (Ixobrychus flavicollisi), etc. breed. An extremely interesting program, it is slowly exposing us on the unknown realm of bird nests and bird eggs for the common person!