Not long ago as the headlights of the vehicle, cut through the misty twilight, the occupants were witness to “large” red orbs, the eyes of a Royal Bengal Tiger. The beam outlined the shape of beautiful specimen crossing the forested road. This was on the Kotgarh-Muniguda route. Such encounters were common in Orissa. Even the not so old nature loving readers will recall calls of a tiger, resounding in one of the forested valleys, while they traveled between places in Orissa. Today 3 of 8 sub-species of the Panthera tigris, are extinct in the wild, of these, the Panthera tigris tigris (Indian Tiger) holds promise for the species. Urgent recourse needs to be taken to ensure that the remaining continue to live. If the tiger goes, then most of the oxygen, fodder, water, etc. would also go. This book offers readers an insight into the Orissa situation and also throws up suggestions for tackling the bleak and fast retreating scenario.

    Published by wild orissa 2003.



    This book presents a sincere attempt to bring to the fore the wild side of Orissa, in all its pristine glory. Treading into hitherto virgin territory this book is the first if its ilk. And we hope not the last. A compendium of articles by well known field experts, rare photographs and maps blend to compose a travelogue that lays bare the rich flora and fauna of the state. Dedicated to the patrons of the Indian wildlife, this book is a reiteration of the immortal line, “ the woods are lovely dark and deep…”.


    Published by Wild Orissa 2000. Price @ Rs. 400/-