Rescue And Release to the Wild Program

    Another of Wild Orissa’s direct interventions in the cause of wildlife conservation has been its Rescue & Release to the Wilds Program. During the year 2000 a Shikra chick was rescued from the clutches of harassing crows, and it was reared for about 4 months, and then released to freedom. Similarly a Sambar (Cervus unicolor) fawn was rescued at village Arjunapur in Khurda district and released in the Berbera forests in the year 2000.  Water Monitors packed in sacks and meant to be sold and killed were intercepted by Wild Orissa members at Bhubaneswar in 2000, and were released in Deras Reservoir in the Chandaka Elephant Reserve. An Oriental Pratincole chick which had wandered from its nest and being pursued by crows was brought back to its nest in Mangalajodi in 2002. During the 2004 tiger census in the Mahanadi Reserved Forests in Orissa a young mugger hatchling was rescued from fishing nets and released into the River Mahanadi. A large flock of Rose Ringed Parakeets was intercepted in 2004 while being put to sale in Bhubaneswar and released. Our battle to ensure wildlife remains where it belongs is still on.