Wildlife Conservation Awareness Program

    The organization has published many rare books on Orissa’s wildlife, PUGS (1999), UNTAMED ORISSA (2000) and TIGERS ON THE BRINK-AN ORISSA STORY (2003) in an effort to disseminate and to spread the message of Orissa’s wildlife to the outside world. ‘Wild Orissa’ expects that this would one day help in conserving our little known wildlife areas. ‘Dambaru’ the quarterly newsletter of ‘Wild Orissa’ has been its mouthpiece right from the day the organization has been born, and upto date 26 issues have seen the light of day. ‘Wild Orissa’ also attempted spreading the message of wildlife conservation through the medium of wildlife photography when during the year 1999 a wildlife photograph exhibition was organized by the organization at Bhubaneswar. Further another exhibition was organized at Bhubaneswar in the year 2003, which was witnessed by His Excellency The Governor of Orissa. For the first time in the state of Orissa wildlife was celebrated in major way. ‘Wild Orissa’ organized WILDLIFE AFFAIRS during the first week of October 2004, involving events like wildlife photograph exhibition, essay competitions on wildlife, painting competitions on wildlife, etc. This event was organized during 2005 and 2006 as well. During the year 2006, the organizing of Wildlife Affairs was at 4 different places in Orissa, i.e. Rayagada, Sambalpur, Jashipur and Balasore, in an effort to reach across to the populace in the hinterlands of the state.